Car insurance in Kuwait

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  • 5/23/2022
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The owners of cars in Kuwait can benefit from two types of vehicle insurance. First type is comprehensive motor insurance which the owner of the vehicle requires by engaging the insurance company to repair the malfunctions and damages that are covered by comprehensive insurance to other vehicles. Plus repairs the malfunctions and damages to the insured car under the comprehensive insurance. In other words, repair all damages are covered to all the cars in the accident.

The second is motor third-party insurance; this policy is a mandatory insurance that should be subscribed by all vehicle owners and everyone who wants to buy a new or used car. It obliges the insurance company to repair the damage caused by the insured vehicle against others. Provided that the damaged vehicle is not subject to any repairs and the cost of repairing the damages will be at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.


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Online car insurance in Kuwait

Car insurance policy is the first step to renew the vehicle registration certificate (RC) in Kuwait. After you have done with your car insurance, you can view your car for a technical inspection and then complete the stages of renewing the RC in the General Department of Traffic. Regarding car insurance through online, there are many insurance companies that provide these features to clients. Therefore, you can visit the insurance company websites and identify their services to choose which company suits you.


Accredited insurance companies in Kuwait

We will present to you the names of insurance companies accredited to issue compulsory insurance in Kuwait and announced by The Official Insurance Unit, as follows:

  • Kuwait Insurance Company.
  • Gulf Insurance Group (GIG).
  • Al Ahleia Insurance Company (Co.S.A.K.).
  • Warba Insurance Company.
  • First Takaful Insurance Company.
  • Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company (KCSP).
  • Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (B.S.C.).
  • Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance (GIG).
  • Misr Insurance Company.
  • Kuwait - Qatar Insurance Company (KQIC).
  • Oriental Insurance Company.
  • Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company (SAICO).
  • Arabia Insurance Company (AICC).
  • Takaful Insurance Company (KIB).
  • ILAF Takaful Insurance Company.
  • T’azur Takaful Insurance Company.
  • Boubyan Takaful Insurance Company (BTIC).
  • National Takaful Insurance Company (NTICO).
  • KFH Takaful Insurance Company.
  • Gulf Takaful Insurance Company.
  • Burgan Takaful Insurance Company.
  • The New India Assurance Company (LTD).
  • Daman Takaful Insurance Company.
  • Arab Islamic Takaful Insurance Company (aiic).


Car insurance rates in Kuwait

In relation to the compulsory private car insurance rates in Kuwait. According to the Insurance Regulatory Unit reports range from 17.5 to 20.5 KWD for one year, for two years from 35 to 41 dinars and from 52 to 61 dinars for three years. Taxi insurance rates for one year are from 21.5 to 27.5 KWD and for two years from 43 to 55 KWD. Notably, the difference in the value of the car insurance varies according to the passenger numbers. Regarding the comprehensive insurance rate, it depends on the type of car and the date of manufacture, but approximately it starts from 150 KWD.


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Online vehicle registration renewal (RC)

And now, we will show you the required following steps to renew the vehicle registration certificate through the official website of the Ministry of Interior, as follows:

  • Enter the website of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait via this link: Ministry of Interior
  • Click on the appointment platform option.
  • Choose the Traffic and Operations department option.
  • Write the civil number in the designated field for it.
  • Press the Choose button, then select the category you want.
  • Now select the status of a service requester.
  • Click on the Transactions menu, then click on the Traffic Sector option.
  • Choose the vehicle licensing option.
  • Now select the governorate and the transaction location, then click on the “Enter data” option.
  • What you have to do now is to follow the instructions to complete the procedures.

After the completion of all those steps, you can visit the Traffic Department on the specified date to complete the procedures for renewing the vehicle registration certificate easily.


The non-renewal ticket of vehicle registration certificate (RC) in Kuwait

Any vehicle driver who has delayed the renewal of his vehicle registration certificate will be fined 5 KWD, and he can pay this fine or violation in the Traffic Violations Investigation Department when renewing the RC.

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