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We buy & sell cars for you. Leave the hassle on us and we'll assure you the best prices!


How selling works Hassle-free

Sell your car with Motorgy at the best market price, from the comfort of your home and away from negotiations with buyers! Once you agree to the sale price, we ensure you a safe payment with car registration transfer assistance.

Our experts support you every step of the way, until the sale or purchase of your car.

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1. Tell us about your car

Enter your basic car information such as the car make, model, and year while setting the price you want for your car. If you’re not sure about the market price of your car, we’ll assist you with the pricing. Once complete, a Sales Representative from motorgy will handle the entire selling process for you and free of hassle.

2. Inspection and photoshoot

We’ll inspect your car at one of our certified garages, using advanced equipment and machinery for an accurate report including the chassis. If you do not have the time to visit one of our certified garages, our team of experts will inspect your car at your home or workplace at the time of your choosing. In this case of an onsite inspection the seller would have to guarantee that the car is accident-free. The inspection, whether conducted at our certified garage or at your home, would cover over 70-points of inspection of the car, including a professional photoshoot with over 25 HD images and a 360-degree image.

3. Advertising and promoting

We promote your car to a large network of professional buyers and advertise your car on our platforms and other specialized sites to get you the best price in the fastest time.

4. We handle all sales communications

A dedicated sales expert will take on the task of selling your car and handling all inquiries and negotiations with potential buyers making sure you get the best price. The sales expert will also handle responding to our chat service via our website, emails, as well as scheduling appointments for car viewing requests at the time of your convenience.

5. Sealing The Deal

After acquiring the best price for your car, our team will assist you in coordinating with the buyer, preparing all the needed paperwork for ownership transfer at the Ministry of Interior and guaranteeing the completion of a safe and fast money transfer.

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How buying works Hassle-free

Select your dream car from our wide selection of inspected and certified cars. Our team of experts will ensure you get the best price for the car and also guarantee you a safe and instant money transfer as well as assistance in the car registration transfer.

A wide selection of pre-inspected cars 100% guaranteed by experts.

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1. Select your car

Select your favorite car from a wide variety of inspected cars by motorgy and from certified and reliable dealers. Each car contains an inspection report covering over 70-points of inspection as well as a selection of HD images to view each detail of the car from the comfort of your home.

2. Make an offer

Motorgy offers you a selection of special services which eases the buying process for you. You can make an offer for purchase directly on our website or App, keeping you away from all the hassle of negotiations. We also offer you car financing services such as calculating your monthly installments and applying for a car loan through accredited finance institutions and once you get the approval, you can book a car viewing date to inspect and test-drive the car at your convenience.

3. Get your car keys

Our team will guarantee you buy your car at the best price in the market and get your car keys through a secure and safe process. Our team will be with you in every step and assist you in car registration and ownership transfer at the Ministry of Interior.

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How the inspection works

After entering the basic information on our website or App, customer service will contact you to explain our easy and trusted selling process. The process starts with an advanced car inspection conducted by our experts with over 10+ years experience in the field. The inspection process is as follows:

1. Scheduling an inspection date

A dedicated sales expert will book a date and time that suits your schedule and at the place of your choosing.

2. Determining the location of inspection

The inspection will be conducted at one of our certified garages using advanced equipment and machinery, or onsite at your home or workplace. In the case the inspection is conducted onsite, the chassis will need to be re-inspected at the time of sale to confirm its condition. Comprehensive inspection includes the following:

Exterior inspection

The car is thoroughly inspected from all sides of the exterior body to check for any dents, scratches or any paint jobs and parts changed due to an accident. The calibers of the front and rear bumpers as well as the doors are checked.

Mechanical inspection

Inspection on the most important mechanical parts of the car such as the engine, transmission, gear, differential, cooling system, shock absorbers and other parts as well, is conducted to identify their condition.

Electronic inspection

Thorough inspection on the electronic devices of the car, to search for any malfunctions such as the engine control unit, braking system, airbag system, air conditioning system and other electronic systems.

Interior inspection

An interior inspection is conducted on the total cabin. Notes are recorded in regards to any deteriorated conditions, broken parts, seats and dashboard condition, parts that need repair or replacement.


Our team will test drive the car on the road to check the mechanical parts such as engine, transmission, brakes, wheel alignment, tires condition and steering wheel system to ensure its safety from malfunctions

Photo session

Your car will undergo a professional photo session that includes more than 25 high-quality images with a 360-degree image to display all its details for the buyer to see.

3. Receiving the inspection report

After the inspection and photoshoot has been conducted, you will get a detailed report on your dashboard via the website/app and your personal email for you to be informed on the general condition of your car and any extra notes.

How to apply for a Car Loan

Motorgy offers you car loan services on the car you wish to purchase easily and swiftly following these simple steps:

1. Select a car

Once you select the car you wish to purchase; you can benefit from our financial calculator where you can easily calculate your monthly installments by setting your desired down payment and installment period.

2. Apply for loan

Our team will work on getting you the best loan value from the financial institutions or banks and get you the initial approval on the finance.

3. Final approval

Our team will contact you to inform you if your application has been approved.

4. Schedule for a car viewing

Once you get your approval, you can easily schedule an appointment to view and test drive the car at the time of your choosing to ensure the car is right for you.

5. Get your keys

Our team will assist you in preparing the paperwork for the financial institution to complete the loan process. Your dedicated sales expert will be by your side until the purchase process is complete and the contract is signed.

Required paperwork for your car loan application:

Copy of civil ID

Continuing salary certificate

Salary bank statement of last 3 months

Copy of company’s authorization signature (private company)

Copy of civil ID of company’s legal representative (private company)

Copy of passport (Expats)