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Simple, easy, and sophisticated Motorgy offers the widest selection of cars to cater to all types of requirements.

Register with us to showcase your cars to thousands of potential buyers and/or to access the largest selection of cars for purchase.

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Your ultimate solution for buying cars

Extensive selection

We offer a broad selection of cars to cater to the needs and requirements of different dealers. ... With Motorgy, each car is thoroughly inspected before being uploaded onto our platforms for purchase. Ready to buy? All purchasing is performed at the simple click of a button.


Digital purchasing platform

Motorgy saves dealers hours of time and effort spent searching for cars and negotiating with different suppliers....Our online platform automates the purchasing process, giving you the ability to browse thousands of vehicles and service reports online — anytime, anywhere — to ensure you are making your purchase at the best price in the market.


Quality inspected cars

With Motorgy, dealers can rest assured that all vehicles uploaded onto the platform undergo a rigorous assessment process.... Inspection reports are provided for all cars, ensuring our dealers always get the best deals possible for their vehicles.


Flexible buying tiers

Motorgy sets flexible bidding tiers in order to cater to the needs and capacities of different dealers.... As a dealer, you can register under any tier that suits your business requirements and can upgrade to higher tiers at any time.


Dedicated quality service

Motorgy is proud to present our dealers with a wide range of quality services, facilitated by dedicated account managers.... With Motorgy as your partner, your assigned account manager will be happy to assist with any inquiries or requirements.



Dealers who register with us are guaranteed transparency. One of our core values is transparency and providing all dealers with equal opportunity to purchase all types...With Motorgy, you can be sure you are getting the best prices based on the current marketplace.


Simple requirements

At Motorgy, we aim to facilitate the buying and selling process. As a buyer, all you need to get started is your company license and registration....Any security deposits are also fully refundable (terms and conditions apply).


Your ultimate solution for selling cars

Virtual car showroom

Our virtual showrooms allow our partners to showcase their cars to thousands of potential buyers, resulting in increased market exposure and unit sales....Motorgy caters to both retail and wholesale needs, empowering dealers to sell cars both individually and in bulk.


Dedicated dealer services

Dealers can take advantage of a wide variety of services aimed at facilitating the selling process, including: round-the-clock access to an inventory listing (including pictures and details), ...
back office accessibility to update/edit car listings, specialized photo imaging software to showcase inventory, direct communication tools with clients, analytical reports, and more. For any other requests, dealers are also assigned a dedicated account manager. Specialist photo imaging software designed to help you showcase your inventory in a consistent and professional way.


Trusted partnership

As your partner, Motorgy aims to assist you in all aspects of the selling process, from generating higher sales leads to enhancing your customer communication tools. ... Enhance your performance in real time with access to Motorgy’s reports and analytical feedback, allowing you to spend more time focusing on the core of your business. Read-more

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