Privacy Policy

The primary purpose for which we collect your personal information is to provide you with the services you have requested. You agree we may use and disclose your personal information and other data for this purpose and also for secondary purposes, including to personalize your user experience and to promote Motorgy and third party products and services to you. Our Privacy Policy (see directly below) explains how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, the extent to which your personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients and how to access, correct or complain about the handling of your personal information.


Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?

This policy sets out how Limited (Motorgy) and group companies within the Motorgy Network collect, use, disclose and manage your personal information.

If through using a Motorgy Network website or our services you disclose personal information to a third party website, this policy will not apply as between you and the third party and you will be subject to the privacy policy of that third party.

By accessing or using Motorgy services, including the Motorgy Network, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in Privacy Collection Statement

This Privacy Policy. Words defined in the Motorgy Terms and Conditions of Use have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy.


Privacy Collection Statement

This Privacy Policy. Words defined in the Motorgy Terms and Conditions of Use have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy.


How does Motorgy protect my privacy?

Motorgy respects the importance of your privacy and is bound by the Kuwait Privacy Principles, and applicable privacy regulations. `Motorgy is committed to protecting your privacy when managing your personal information and has policies and procedures to ensure that personal information is handled in accordance with the Privacy Act.


What personal information about me is collected?

Personal information collected by Motorgy will depend on the circumstances of collection and on the services that we are providing to you and may include:

  • Identification details, which may include name, birth date, gender, security questions and answers;
  • Contact information which may include email address and mobile phone number;
  • Bank account and credit account details;
  • User IDs and passwords;
  • Services provided to you, including saved items and searches;
  • Business information, such as residency and license number;
  • Information submitted in placing an advertisement, for example vehicle details and pricing;
  • Information submitted in applying for or requesting a quote for a related product such as finance or insurance;
  • Your IP address, information about the devices on which you visit the Motorgy Network, and your activities on those devices or sites (including browser and operating system, time, date, referral information, location, carrier and site interactions);
  • Third party account details (for example where you sign in through a social network);
  • Your public social profile information (e.g. name, profile picture) together with the email address you use to log into your social media account;
  • Records and content of communications with Motorgy or any other person including records and content using Communications Services (as that term is defined in Motorgy Terms and Conditions of Use);
  • If you participate in any surveys we, or a third party service provider acting on our behalf, may conduct from time to time, personal information relating to your survey responses;
  • If you are applying for employment with us, personal information that is relevant to such employment;
  • Information obtained as a result of your use of our mobile website or application such as geo-locations and unique device identifiers;
  • If you are using an Android device, advertising-specific device identifiers (if you opt-out of ad tracking, you may reset the advertising-specific device identifiers to disassociate the device from re-marketing data that was collected and passed before the opt-out. For more information, please contact your device manufacturer); and
  • If you are using an Apple device, you’re Advertising Identifier.

Please note that any records and content provided in hard copy format may be stored and scanned electronically by Motorgy.

Motorgy, and the Motorgy Network, do not collect sensitive information as defined in the Privacy Act, such as racial or ethnicity information, political opinions or associations, criminal records (save where provided by law enforcement authorities) or health information. However, subject to obtaining your prior consent, Motorgy may collect sensitive information from you in the course of considering an application for employment.


How is my personal information collected?

Motorgy collects personal information in a number of ways, including:

  • Directly from you when you provide information directly to Motorgy or our Network companies in person, by phone or in writing (whether electronic or otherwise), for example when you create an advertisement on one of our websites; when you enquire about an item on one of our websites; when you subscribe to a newsletter or any alerts; when you purchase goods or services from Motorgy or a third party via the Motorgy Network; when you enter a competition or promotion conducted by Motorgy, or in a contract with your business to provide you with our services;
  • Directly from you when you communicate with Motorgy or any other person using Motorgy Communications Services;
  • From third parties such as resellers of Motorgy services and service providers to Motorgy;
  • Operators of linked or served web sites, applications and advertising on the Motorgy Network (Linked Sites);
  • Social networks where you choose to share that information when creating an account;
  • From 3rd party data providers and other entities where you have directed or otherwise consented to the collecting entity (or a service provider on its behalf) sending us data;
  • Through use of Motorgy proprietary software in which personal information is stored;
  • From organizations identified or described under the heading ‘How is personal information disclosed’, which include Motorgy Network companies, our service providers and other third parties so that we may provide an enhanced and more relevant user experience, service or product to you.


How is my personal information used?

Motorgy will use the personal information it collects for the purpose for which you provided it, the purposes disclosed in this privacy policy, any related secondary purposes which you would reasonably expect and for any other purpose you have consented to.

More specifically, your personal information may be used for the following purposes:

  • To maintain appropriate business records;
  • To research, develop, improve and use within Motorgy products and services and by its outsourced service providers to provide and improve their services;
  • To respond to an enquiry or provide our services, products or assistance that you request from us;
  • To pre-populate / customize / provide shortcuts on our websites;
  • To conduct surveys to determine use and satisfaction with Motorgy Network services;
  • To generate statistics in relation to the Motorgy Network;
  • For the purposes of feedback, reviews and ratings;
  • To promote and market special offers and other services to you (if you do not want to receive these, please use the unsubscribe facility in a direct marketing communication sent to you);
  • For purposes connected with the operation of the Motorgy Network;
  • For staff training and quality assurance;
  • To aggregate personal information with our third party partners for the purpose of personalizing the advertising you receive from us and them; and
  • To contact winners of trade promotions run by Motorgy.


How is my personal information shared?

Motorgy may disclose personal information to individuals and organizations other than Motorgy. The organizations to which we may disclose personal information include:

  • Motorgy Network companies and staff;
  • The public if you advertise with Motorgy or use publicly available Communications Services;
  • Individuals and organizations that advertise with Motorgy if you submit an enquiry or seek or acquire certain services through Motorgy - depending on your enquiry or the services being sought or acquired, these may include:
    • Private advertisers;
    • Licensed car dealers;
  • Original equipment manufacturers;
  • Car brokers;
  • Operators of third party web sites, co-branded web sites and applications and advertising served to the Motorgy Network by third parties;
  • Financial service providers;
  • Insurance service providers;
  • Vehicle inspection service providers;
  • Transportation service providers;
  • Payment services providers;
  • Outsourced service providers who assist any of the above persons to provide services;


If you do not want Motorgy to disclose your personal information to these individuals and organizations, you should not submit an enquiry or acquire those services.

  • Outsourced service providers who assist carsales to provide its services including:
    • Information technology providers;
    • Marketing and market research advisers and survey providers;
    • Professional advisers;
    • Data service providers, who may also disclose your personal information to our third party partners for the purpose of personalizing the advertising you receive from us and them (you can opt out of this type of activity by letting us know and
    • Payment platforms.
  • Entities to whom you request we send your information;
  • Re sellers of Motorgy services;
  • Organizations involved in a sale/transfer of a Motorgy Network company or any of its assets, business or shares;
  • To assist government or regulatory authorities or police; and
  • As we are required by law, for example pursuant to a subpoena or in accordance with unclaimed money legislation.

Where Motorgy provides information to a third party at your request (for example where you submit an enquiry), you acknowledge that that third party in accordance with its privacy policy and not in accordance with this privacy policy will handle your information.

Where Motorgy discloses your personal information to a data service provider, Motorgy will take all reasonable steps to ensure those data service providers comply at all times with the Privacy Act.


How do I keep my personal information up to date?

Motorgy strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date records. To facilitate this, please let us know if any of your details change. Motorgy may verify the accuracy of personal information it holds against information about you held by a third party. You may update certain personal information through your membership account (if you have one)

Motorgy may destroy or de-identify personal information once the information is no longer deemed required by the business.


How is my information protected?

The Motorgy Network takes reasonable steps to protect personal information collected from misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modifications or disclosure. Your personal information may be stored in hard copy documents, but is generally stored electronically on the Motorgy Network systems.


Is my personal information shared outside of Kuwait?

Some of Motorgy service providers are located outside of Kuwait, including in the United States of America, Canada and the GCC. It may be necessary to disclose your personal information to those service providers for some of the purposes listed above. By providing Motorgy with your personal information, you consent to the disclosure / transfer of your personal information outside of Kuwait as set out in this privacy policy.


Can I deal with Motorgy anonymously?

You may deal with Motorgy anonymously by using a pseudonym, unless Motorgy is required or authorized by law to deal only with an identified person, or it is impracticable for us to respond to you if you have not identified yourself.


What if I choose not to provide my personal information?

If you choose not to provide personal information when requested, Motorgy may not be able to provide you with the full range of our services.


Is my location collected?

When accessing the Motorgy Network from a mobile device, we may request permission to collect your location from your device via the permission system used by your mobile operating system. If you consent to the collection of this information, you can later disable it by changing the location settings on your mobile device. However, this may limit your ability to use certain features of our services

How to contact Motorgy about my personal information?

If you have a problem, complaint, want to change your personal information or just wish to enquire about privacy please contact us.


Data Deletion

You can request your data to be deleted at any time by writing to us at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 7 days. After verification of identity and ownership of account we will delete all of the non-transactional data uniquely identifying you from our records.

If you want to remove your link to facebook app which was created by logging in or signing up with facebook, you can remove your information by following these steps:


  • Go to your Facebook Account’s Setting & Privacy. Click “Settings”
  • Look for “Apps and Websites” and you will see all of the apps and websites you linked with your Facebook.
  • Search and Click “Motorgy” in the search bar.
  • Scroll and click “Remove”.
  • Congratulations.


Does this policy change?

This policy may change over time. All changes will be published on this website.