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Like Mini-Countryman-؜Cooper
6,300 KWD
or 120 KWD/month
72,443 KM
Like Mini-Cooper
1,400 KWD
or 27 KWD/month
144,649 KM
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Like Mini-Countryman-؜Cooper-S
3,850 KWD
or 74 KWD/month
114,428 KM
Like Mini-Cooper-؜S
12,300 KWD
or 235 KWD/month
14,000 KM
Like Mini-Cooper-؜S
12,500 KWD
or 239 KWD/month
7,219 KM
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Like Mini-Countryman
10,000 KWD
or 191 KWD/month
19,865 KM
Like Mini-Cooper
1,800 KWD
or 34 KWD/month
108,910 KM
9,250 KWD
or 177 KWD/month
12,000 KM
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Frequently asked questions

You will easily get all offers through notification on motorgy’s App, emails on your email address, and notifications through your personal dashboard on their website. No, you’re not obligated to sell your car after you receive any offers, you will only be obliged to sell after you sign the selling contract with the buyer.

Because motorgy will take away all the troubles that come with selling your car online. All you have to do is send in your basic car information and their team of experts will handle the following:

  • Inspection and photoshoot: motorgy will inspect your car, covering over 70-points and conduct a professional photoshoot including a 360-degree photography style of over 25 HD images, showing every detail of the car
  • Promoting and advertising: motorgy promotes and advertises your car to a large and targeted segment of buyers as well as their website and other well known for sale websites in Kuwait to increase the chances of selling your car as soon as possible
  • Handling all calls: motorgy will handle all calls and inquiries on your behalf from interested buyers and schedule car viewing requests and test-drives at the time of your convenience
  • Negotiations and sealing the deal: motorgy will negotiate with interested buyers to get you the highest price in the market, assists you with the car ownership transfer paperwork and secures you a safe money transfer.

Motorgy provides you exceptional services with the used Mini cars for sale such as an inspection covering over 70 inspection points of the car and pre-paid after-sale services such as a 1-year warranty or 20,000 km on the car’s engine, transmission, difference, air conditioning system on cars that haven’t exceeded 7 years or 120,000 km. Motorgy also offers you a 2-year maintenance service or 60,000 km, whichever comes first, that includes changing the oil and filter. Another service motorgy offers is a 1-year 24-hours roadside assistance that includes fuel refills, charging or replacing car batteries and mechanical repairs with towing services.

Of course, all you have to do is send a viewing request on the car you like through motorgy’s app or website, and their sales expert will contact you immediately to schedule a date for you to inspect and test-drive it at the time of your convenience. You can contact motorgy’s team on 22200260 for any inquiries.

All used Mini cars that are for sale in motorgy inspected with a report attached, covering over 70 inspection points. The report includes the condition of the car’s main mechanical parts such as the engine, transmission, exterior and interior.