What are the procedures for purchasing a used car

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  • 5/23/2022
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Everybody knows that there is a reasonable proportion of risk in the process of purchasing a used car, especially on unknown websites and apps that sell cars online. But if you use one of the reliable sites that offers exceptional car purchase and sales services, the risk ratio would be greatly reduced. And you will buy your dream car at an average price below market value. Easier, swiftest and with all the convenience.


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Procedures for purchasing a used car

The procedures you should follow when buying a used car are as follows:

  • Payment Method: First thing on the list of buying a used car is setting and committing to your budget. It is important to pre-arrange the method of payment that you will follow whether it is direct cash, financing from a bank or a well-known finance company.
  • Take a look at the market prices of cars: Searching at online car sales and buying sites is a tremendous way to find out what cars are available in your surrounding region's market and what the rates are. You can also identify with the price of the car you are planning to buy. Note that many of the car prices listed online are suggested prices and usually are negotiated down. 
  • Inspect the car carefully: If you find a suitable car, do not forget to inspect the car on all sides during daylight. It is highly recommended to inspect on a day with good weather. For instance, the rain will probably hide paint defects, As well as at night or with dim lights.
  • Request a car inspection report: Technical inspection is one of the most important things that must be available in every used car for sale. Upon inspection of the car that you intend to buy, you will recognize its general state from the outside and the inside. Furthermore, ensure that mechanical parts are in good health.
  • Get a test-drive: The experience of test-driving a car you intend to purchase is very important, to make sure that it is well-functioning. And listening to the motor or any other sounds that indicates a problem that has not appeared in the technical inspection.
  • Annexes verification: After the test-drive, all annexes supplied to the car by the company must be verified. Such as the spare tire wheel, the jaw and installation kit such as the jack and the four-nut wrench. In addition to the spare key and the Car Owner’s Manuals.
  • Make sure the transaction is completed: After agreeing on the car price with the seller, make sure to complete the sale transaction in the legal way, and check the official papers that must mention all the sale information, seller and buyer good name, the car details, and its price.
  • Ensure the method of payment: You must be careful when you pay for the car you are buying. And make sure that the transfer of funds is including the right bank transactions. This will be guaranteed to you by websites that provide their clients with advanced buying and selling services such as Motorgy. Which displays checked cars by experts. It guarantees a secure payment process. Additionally, helping you with transferability and a lot of other things that will relieve you from the hassle and burden of discussions with sellers.


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How to inspect a used car?

If you decide to inspect the used car you would like to buy, you will not be able to inspect all the parts of it because you would be required a lot of time. However, there are main and important things that you should thorough overview on it to gives you comprehensive view of the condition of the car, and they are as follows:

  • Searching for any damage: Have a look at the bodywork. Is it straight? Then look under the wheel arches and doors for anybody ripples, check the door frames, motor engine and the trunk of the car. For any evidence of damage caused by a previous accident.
  • Paint inspection: If the car paint is a bit dull, it can be polished without any problems, but if it is peeling and shows signs of cracking and damage, this requires repainting again and here you can ask the seller to remove the paint price of the car or seek for another car.
  • Mileage: If the car has covered a distance more than 250,000 km this is normal and do not worry about it if the car is working well but if the distance is less compared to its age, it means that it was parked all the time, and this is not good because that would directly affect the quality of its parts.
  • Tires Condition: Check the age and condition of the tires, in addition to making sure that all tires are of the same type and size and are not different, because different tires and their sizes will affect the performance of the car and other important parts.
  • Engine condition: Who is not seeking for a flawless car? Without blemish and runs as required. Consequently, check the condition of the engine and listen to motor sound, and look for any water or oil leaks on it or in the surrounding area, especially if it is an old car.
  • Inspect suspension system: Check the car's entire suspension system. If you do notice any malfunction in one of any parts, ask the seller to deduct the price of the parts from the price of the car or you will have to change them later, which is costly.
  • Searching for water leakage: Look inside the trunk and under the seats for any evidence of water leakage, the car may have rust in some places or perhaps it may have been sinking due to heavy rains.

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