Important tips for increasing the coolness of the air-conditioner in your car

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  • 5/23/2022
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Many motorists are relying on the air-conditioner system especially in the Gulf States, and they cannot even drive without it. Furthermore, if the air-conditioner is insufficient or the air-conditioner is exposed to any malfunction or suddenly stops working, driving the car will become very difficult, especially in the summer days. And for this, we will offer you simple and important tips through which you can increase the coolness of the car air-conditioner and how to maintain it to stay away from breakdowns, and to ensure cool, refreshing air all the time.


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How to make your car air-conditioner cooler?

You will get to learn with us the most important tips which you would rather stick to in order to benefit from the air-conditioner system in your car and get cool air as swiftly as possible, as follows:

  • Park your car in the shade: It is the first and essential step to keep your car cool during hot summer days, because sunlight will not be directly attached to it, which keeps the car cool when using the air-conditioner.
  • Roll down the windows: If you cannot find a place with shade to park your car, you can roll down some windows a little if you park in the sunlight, because it will help to circulate indoor air and reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Ensure the filter is clean: It is known that the air-conditioner filter contributes to the prevention of dust, soils, and dirt from entering the car cabin. Over time it is prone to dirt and clogging, but it leads to poor air that goes into the car filter, and this will put a great effort on the compressor of the air-conditioner compressor. Furthermore, you can replace the air-conditioner filter on your own. Which is located inside the glove compartment in the box opposite the front passenger in most cars.
  • Do not turn on the air-conditioner before you drive off: The best way to turn on the air-conditioner system when you get in the car is while driving; Because the higher the engine revolutions, the faster the compressor will run, allowing it to cool faster. Also, this will work to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Turn on the air-conditioner at the minimum air temperature: After you turn on the air conditioner, the cooling the air temperature must be reduced to the minimum in order to speed up the car cooling from inside, because turning up the air temperature will contribute to putting extra effort on the compressor and will increase fuel consumption.
  • Do not use the recirculation feature unless necessary: The recirculation feature is present in all cars, and it prevents the outside air from entering the car interior with one press of a button, and if it is working then the air will remain cool without the influence of the outside air on it.
  • The Stop/Start feature: It is useful in reducing fuel consumption when stopping at a traffic light. For instance, because it will stop the engine, but it will also stop the compressor of the air-conditioner, this means that the indoor air will be heated, and you will not feel cold.
  • Take advantage of the automatic air-conditioning system: If your car is equipped with it, you must use it most of the time because its sensors automatically adjust the air temperature and fan power according to the temperature of the car interior.


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How to maintain the safety of the air-conditioner in your car

If you want to maintain the safety of your car air-conditioner and increase its efficiency, you should consider the following tips:

  • Turn on the air-conditioner once a week: Turning on the car air-conditioner once a week for up to 10 minutes helps maintain gas pressure within hoses and to keep the compressor intact. And make sure you put the heat at the lowest and for the fan's speed to be highest. Additionally, do not forget to turn it on even in winter now and then for the same purpose.
  • Turn on the defrost mode: Turning on defrost mode for 5-10 minutes will help to dispose of fungus, and will also clean out the thickened moisture, which could lead to unpleasant smells in your car.
  • Refill the air-conditioner with gas: It is recommended that you refill the air-conditioner gas approximately every two years and check the amount of gas in it at the beginning of each summer.
  • Ensure that the air-conditioning system is fully maintained: You must make sure that the entire air-conditioning system is maintained with every periodic maintenance you perform for your car, especially if your car is old or you bought it used. This is to discover any leaks or damage in one of the parts that may malfunction the air-conditioning system when you desperately need it.

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