How could you protect your car from the burning sun

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  • 5/23/2022
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There is no doubt that the scorching summer sunlight greatly affects cars, especially used cars, as it is causing wear and fading of the paint. In addition, other damages were caused to the interior of the car. And for this, you must protect your car from the damages by following the steps that we will show you in this article. We advise you to apply these tips as much as possible to keep your car clean and have a neat look.


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How to protect your car from the sun?

If you want to protect your car from strong sunlight inside and out, these following steps are what you are looking for:

How to protect your car from outside?

  • Park your car in the shade: It is one of the most important things to follow in order to protect your car from the sunlight, and try to keep it away from the sun even if you are going to park it for a little while.
  • Wash your car regularly: It will help to get rid of dirt, dust and even dead insects which are stuck on the car. If you do not wash it frequently, these dirt and insects can react to the high heat of the sun, and it is causing the paint to fade.
  • Polish your car well: Polishing or waxing the car is important to preserve the paint from the heat of the sun, climatic and weather conditions in different seasons. It is recommended to keep your car shiny by polishing it at least twice a year.
  • Cover your car with a protective layer: Wrapping a car with a protective layer contributes to protecting the car from sunlight and weather conditions, especially new cars. It is a transparent layer covering the car that acts as an invisible protective shield.


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How to protect the interior of your car?

  • Use a windshield heat-protective: The windshield is one of the best ways to protect the interior of your car from sunlight and overheat, as it blocks heat from reaching the dashboard, steering wheel, and other parts.
  • Put curtains heat-protective on the windows: It will reduce the sunlight, also the interior temperature as well, and it is easy to use and stored easily.
  • Shade the windows: It is known that shading the windows helps a lot in reducing the temperature of the interior of the car. In addition to reflecting and keeping away the sunlight. However, please comply with the shading degree which is requested by the competent authorities.
  • Roll down the windows if possible: One of the most important methods of protecting your car interior from the sun is to leave a small part of the windows open if possible. That is to rotate the air inside the car and reduce temperatures and pressure overheat.
  • Take good care of the front dashboard: It is an important constituent of your car interior, and you should take good care of it because dirt and dust, especially heat, will cause it to crack and dry out, causing it to be damaged a lot and you may have to replace all of it later.
  • Use seat covers: That offer many features for your car seats; It helps keep it clean by protecting it from dirt and stains, it helps to protect it from wear and tear. Additionally, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Use a moisturizer for leather seats: If your car has leather seats you can use a special moisturizer to protect it from the sunlight, as the sun affects the leather seats a lot and causes them to crack and fade as well.
  • Clean well your interior car: Cleaning the car from the inside, equally important as cleaning it from outside as dirt and dust will be affected by the sunlight, making it difficult to clean and dispose of it later.

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