Land Rover؜ Range Rover Sport 2014

Mileage : 234,276 KM


9,500 KWD
Est. 182 KWD / month

Land Rover؜ Range Rover Sport 2014

9,500 KWD
182 KWD / month

Car specifications
Car type SUV Model Range Rover Sport
Year 2014 Mileage 234,276 KM
Transmission Automatic Warranty No Warranty
Interior color Tan Exterior color Black
Cylinder 8 Cylinder Fuel type Petrol
Doors 5
Car type SUV
Model Range Rover Sport
Year 2014
Mileage 234,276 KM
Transmission Automatic
Warranty No Warranty
Interior color Tan
Exterior color Black
Cylinder 8 Cylinder
Fuel type Petrol
Doors 5
Car details

Sensors control - Hydraulic strut - Meridian speakers - Aluminum rings 21" - Reflectors - Spoiler

Inspection report


Full filteration - High Venus sound - check fans and oil pump - Need programing - Cleaning gas pedal - Engine and gear's mounts need to be replaced - Scratches and dents on the body - Air cooler needs service - Vibration - Tires need to be checked - Differential's oil need to be checked - Sound from Differential - Chassis is good with scratches - front accident - Oil leak could be determined after wash

Passed Remark Not checked
Car body
2020823123832523.png 18
2020823123838788.png 3
2020823123845147.png 0
2020823123832523.png Front Wipers
2020823123832523.png Front left door
2020823123832523.png Rear left door
2020823123832523.png Left rocker / sill panels
2020823123832523.png Left quarter panel
2020823123832523.png Trunk / Boot door
2020823123832523.png Rear bumper
2020823123832523.png Right quarter panel
2020823123832523.png Rear right door
2020823123832523.png Front right door
2020823123832523.png Right rocker / sill panels
2020823123832523.png Right fender
2020823123832523.png Car pillars
2020823123832523.png Car roof
2020823123832523.png Front Bumper
2020823123832523.png All body panels properly aligned
2020823123832523.png Rearview and sideview mirrors
2020823123832523.png Chassis
2020823123838788.png Left fender (Painted)
2020823123838788.png Engine Hood (Painted)
2020823123838788.png Convertible Tops (Not Available)
Engine & transmission
2020823123832523.png 10
2020823123838788.png 4
2020823123845147.png 2
2020823123832523.png Engine compartment firewall
2020823123832523.png Coolant & Brake Hoses
2020823123832523.png Battery & Battery cables
2020823123832523.png Belts & pulleys
2020823123832523.png Engine light
2020823123832523.png No abnormal engine odor
2020823123832523.png Tie Rods & Steering Rack
2020823123832523.png Axels
2020823123832523.png Exhaust System
2020823123832523.png Undercarriage
2020823123838788.png Engine Fan(s) (Needs service)
2020823123838788.png Suspension & Shock absorbers
2020823123838788.png Transfer case (Needs service)
2020823123838788.png Differential (Needs service)
2020823123845147.png Engine oil leak free
2020823123845147.png Transmission oil leak free
Tires & brakes
2020823123832523.png 9
2020823123838788.png 1
2020823123845147.png 0
2020823123832523.png Spare tire available in car (where applicable)
2020823123832523.png All trunk tools available (where applicable)
2020823123832523.png All wheel locks and key available
2020823123832523.png All lug nuts in place
2020823123832523.png Rear brake discs
2020823123832523.png Rear brake pads
2020823123832523.png Front brake discs
2020823123832523.png Front brake pads:
2020823123832523.png Car Rims (scratch & dent free)
2020823123838788.png Matching tires (Scartches)
Electronic diagnostic
2020823123832523.png 9
2020823123838788.png 2
2020823123845147.png 0
2020823123832523.png Engine
2020823123832523.png Engine Control Unit
2020823123832523.png Braking System
2020823123832523.png Airbag System
2020823123832523.png Instrument Cluster and Warning Lights
2020823123832523.png Driving Electronics (e.g. Headlights, power steering, indicators, etc.)
2020823123832523.png Driving Convenience features (e.g. cruise control, parking sensors, reversing camera.)
2020823123832523.png Navigation
2020823123832523.png Windows & Sunroof
2020823123838788.png Transmission (Needs service)
2020823123838788.png Air Conditioning System (Needs service)
Road test
2020823123832523.png 9
2020823123838788.png 2
2020823123845147.png 0
2020823123832523.png Keyless and / or remote start
2020823123832523.png Device straight on level ground
2020823123832523.png Brakes
2020823123832523.png Suspension noises
2020823123832523.png Try noise
2020823123832523.png 4 wheel drive system
2020823123832523.png Engine vibration and noise
2020823123832523.png Interior noise
2020823123832523.png Steering condition during lock-to-lock
2020823123838788.png Steering wheel alignment (Needs service)
2020823123838788.png Transmission / clutch (Needs service)
2020823123832523.png 3
2020823123838788.png 0
2020823123845147.png 0
2020823123832523.png Seats
2020823123832523.png Door cushion cover
2020823123832523.png Dashboard cover
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Extra options
  • - Panorama roof
  • - 360 Camera
  • - Back camera
  • - Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • - Bluetooth
  • - Carbon fiber decor
  • - CD
  • - Center lock
  • - Chrome decor
  • - cooled seats
  • - Cruise control
  • - Dual A/C
  • - Electric mirrors
  • - Electric seats
  • - Electric side break
  • - Four-wheel drive system
  • - Fridge
  • - Front sensors
  • - Heated seats
  • - Hill descent control (HDC)
  • - Hydraulic trunk led
  • - Key Less
  • - Leather seat
  • - LED Lights
  • - Memory set
  • - Navigation system
  • - Park assist
  • - Power windows
  • - Rear sensors
  • - Screen
  • - Side pedals
  • - Steering wheel control
  • - Thermal shading
  • - Traction control
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